SECO 32x Dumpy Level

SECO 32x Dumpy Level

Spectra 24x Dumpy Level

Spectra 24x Dumpy Level

SECO 32x Dumpy Level

The SECO 32x Dumpy Level is available on its own as a kit which includes tripod and staff.

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SECO Dumpy Level
SECO Level With Tripod & Staff

This SECO dumpy level comes with a 12 month warranty and each level is calibrated prior to shipping.

The SECO dumpy level comes complete with....

  • SECO 32x Auto Level (Fully Calibrated)
  • Carry case for Level
Also available is the SECO Site ready kit which includes a tripod and staff:
  • SECO 32x Auto Level (Fully Calibrated)
  • Carry case for Level
  • 5m Aluminium Staff (with bubble)
  • Aluminium Tripod

32x Auto-level Specifications

Designed for the contractor, surveyor, or engineer who demands accurate levelling every time, the level is easy to set up, are easy to use, and save time and money on every job. 



Standard Deviation Per Kilometer Double Run






Clear Objective Aperture


Field Of View

1̊ 30’

Shortest Focusing Distance


          Multiplication Factor

Stadia Additive Constant



Sensitivity of Bubble

8’ /2mm

Circle Graduation


Compensator Type

V-Shaped magnetic suspension-damping

Working Range


Setting Accuracy


Screw Thread Connected To Tripod

M16 or 5/8

Underpan Form

Spherical or flat surface



Please note:

1) The colour of the tripod and/or Level may vary depending on stock levels.

2) This level is air damped and as a result will make a rattling noise that is perfectly normal in this model